Pet Adoption as the Solution

Pet adoption is taking responsibility over an animal that has been put up for adoption due to experience of abuse, violence, neglect and etc. with previous owners. With pet adoption, animals are given the chance in finding the appropriate, caring and life long home for them. Aside from this humane chance we are giving to man’s best friend, there are also benefits from adopting animals.

The Humane Society of the United States estimates an whopping 8 to 10 million cats and dogs that enter shelters ever year. From these numbers, there is estimated 4 to 5 million of pets euthanized in shelters. Numbers of strays that die due to starvation are not included in this data.

With these sad figures, pet adoption is a great way of saving a life of a homeless animal. Animal euthanasia is being done because there are too many people giving up their pets and too few people adopting from shelters. There is limited space in shelters, euthanasia is a very hard decision to make by staff members to make way for new animals pouring into their doors.

Animals in shelter dying by euthanasia can be dramatically removed by adopting pets in shelters instead of buying them in pet stores. By adopting an animal from shelters, other animals can be saved and rescued else where and provided a home.

Animal shelters, unlike what pet adoption myths say, have healthy animals. Shelters often get as much information from previous owners to determine what kind of vaccination has already been provided. Aside from medical care investigation, shelters also provide the necessary vaccination and many spay o neuter the animals before being adopted.

Worrying about the temperament or behaviour of the animals is also not a big issue. Unlike the common misconception that animals are taken into shelters due to behaviour problems, personal reasons by the owner themselves are the most common factors.

Everybody knows that having pets have actual benefits. According to, there are a lot of researches proving the pet parents have lower blood pressure, less anxiety, and experience lifts in their depression. One study actually proved that with a little than 10 minutes, a pet can lower blood pressure significantly.

Pet parents even have overall better physical health due to exercise with their pets. Actually senior, citizens who own pets actually need less medical attention. Not only are sick and old people benefits from pets. Children exposed to pets during their first year of life have a lower frequency of asthma and allergies.

Pet parents who have undergone surgery even have lower recovery time. There is even a study saying that heart attack patients with pets have longer life expectancy than those who do not. There is even a study saying that pets decrease heart attack mortality rates by 3 percent which is 30,0000 lives every year. HIV/AIDS victims who have pets also report less depression and can reduce stress levels.

There are countless research proving that taking an animal into their homes is a great way to enhance their personal and family health. The love and care that pet parents provide to their pets in indeed reciprocated. Aside from humane and health benefits that pet adoption can give, it is also a great way of saving money.

For a price which is very much less compared to pet store pets, you will get an animal that will be able to provide you with loyalty and devotion.

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