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Funny Parrot Talking - Funny Parrot Dance And Talking Compilation Videos

Funny Parrot Talking - Funny Parrot Dance And Talking Compilation Videos - A pet bird is most likely to talk if it is a naturally vocal species, and it is still young. Furthermore, your pet bird is most likely to talk if you are a verbal person or verbal family. Finally, if your pet bird already talks or mimics sounds, then you have a good chance of teaching it words. Some of the species of pet birds that talk readily include the Congo African grey parrots and Timneh African grey parrots, double yellow-headed Amazon parrots and yellow-naped Amazon parrots, Eclectus parrots and Indian ring-necked parakeets. Of the macaws, the blue-and-gold macaw talks most readily. Among cockatoos, the bare-eyed and rose-breasted are often talkative. Lories are great talkers, if you can supply them with their nectar diet. The African Poicephalus parrots, like the Senegal and Meyer’s, can learn to talk, though their voices are not easy to understand. The same is true of the Pionus parrots, of which the Maximillian’s Pionus talks most clearly. I have known caiques that talked well. Some of the grass parakeets can talk, and the male budgie can learn literally hundreds of words. Male cockatiels can learn a few words, especially while they are still young. Any of these parrots may talk, or they may not talk at all. I have known practically silent greys and sometimes pet sit for a Moluccan cockatoo that is unusually verbal. With our parrots, talking ability is a bonus not a given. It’s worth working with your pet bird on its talking ability. Keep in mind that even a non-talking pet bird can communicate and can understand your words. Your pet bird may learn to talk. It is most likely to learn to talk from you. Studies done in the ’90s on wild bird vocalizations showed that young birds learned a flock language from other birds after they left the nest. In our homes, we become a pet bird’s flock, and the vocalizations it learns might therefore include our language, just as it would learn a flock language in the wild. Social interaction is required for a pet bird to learn to talk. You won’t have much success just leaving media playing with repeated phrases. Your pet bird will learn words you say to it, especially if the words involve food, a bath, your presence or are said enthusiastically. Lihat Juga : Motorcycle Stunt - Cool Motorcycle Freestyle Stunts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-toUEXNjOU Thief Fail Caught On Camera - Funny Thief Fails Compilation 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS4hWEamj30 Ikuti Kami di : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gokilfunny/ Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/102120340932614129774/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/gokilfunny Pinterest : http://www.pinterest.com/gokilfunny/ Official Blog : http://gokilllucu.blogspot.com/ Klik Tautan Dibawah ini Untuk Berlangganan Video Gokil Lucu Terbaru Lainnya : http://www.youtube.com/user/GokilLucu

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